Machesney Park Keeping a Lid on Video Gaming

- Machesney Park-Machesney Park voted down the opening of a gaming facility at a strip mall on the corner of Harlem and Scott Lane  on Tuesday, after residents filed petitions against it.

More than 80 residents signed the petition against a gaming facility in their quiet neighborhood.  Gunnel Stewart, of Machesney Park, says "It was a lot of work but it was worth it, because I like to sleep nights and I was afraid I wasn't going to be able to sleep [with the noise of the increased traffic]."

Machesney Park is trying to keep a lid on video gambling. Village ordinances allow for only three stand alone gaming facilities. Currently, the village is at the limit of gaming facilities, and Mayor Jerry Bolin tells Eyewitness News they don’t plan on expanding it.

Mayor Bolin says, "I think three is sufficient right now, but as our community continues to grow, I think there will be room for a couple of more.”

A total of eleven establishments have gaming in Machesney Park, including many bars. Bolin says they’re making sure gaming does not become a huge problem. Bolin says, “If we allow them to have too many establishments, where they have one on every corner like a gas station or something like that, that would not be good for our community. That is not the community we want to build in Machesney Park.”

The village says they would consider opening another stand alone gaming facility if it is under the right circumstances. They add, residents would have to want it in their neighborhood.

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