Made in the Stateline: Thermo Fisher

ROCKFORD - Experts all over the world are searching for cures to deadly diseases, such as cancer of Alzheimer's.  Many of those researchers couldn't do what they do without scientists in Rockford and products Made in the Stateline.

"I've worked in pharma and coming back to the area because it's a great place to raise a family," said Senior R&D Manager John Rogers.  "I was aware of this company for many years, because they're a leader in the field, recognized around the world for decades within the research community."

Thermo Fisher Scientific isn't your typical manufacturing company.  There's a lot of science happening there.

"Not only do we have some of the leading science in the world, but we have some of the best connections with the biggest laboratories in the world to enable them to try to understand cancer, the causes of cancer, how to cure it, to understand Alzheimer's and other diseases, infectious diseases, other things."

Products developed in Rockford fulfill Thermo Fisher's goal of helping customers make the world healthier, cleaner, and safer.  That mission statement comes up a lot when you talk to Thermo Fisher employees.  They know the company's purpose.  Those customers are primarily involved in life science research.

The focus of the research is proteins in our bodies.  They serve many function: building blocks, egines, and messengers for cells.   The research is going on all over the world with a little help from Rockford scientists.

"[We] study what's going on inside cells in the body," said Director of Digital Management Brian Johnson.  "[We try to] understand the processes that are taking place and be able to work towards cures and solutions that help real people."

Playing a part in something like that is what keeps many Thermo Fisher employees around for a long time.  Kim Hines, Dir. of Portfolio and Program Management, started here nearly 30 years ago as a research scientist.  Now, she's a manager for one of Rockford's main divisions.

"It's an environment where the community is important to us, both internally, as well as the Rockford community," said Hines.  "It's an area where people can grow in their careers and I really feel like it's a family for everyone here."

More than 300 people work at Thermo Fisher's Rockford site.  They don't all have advanced science degrees.  The company's always looking for people in departments like distribution, customer care, technical support, finance, IT, and HR.  Managers call it a fully integrated site.

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