Magic Waters Closes For the Season

- Rockford- The lines are packed, the whirlpool is crowded, and the temperature is just right. But some can’t help to wonder, where has this weather been all summer?

Dixon Resident Erlinda Becerra did not get to go to Magic Waters with her family as much as she hoped for this year.Beccera says “I actually only came here three times, so I wish I could have came here more.”

Director of Magic Waters Zack McIntyre says the weather did make this season a challenge, but it did not stop Stateliners from making a splash. Officials say more then one hundred sixty thousand people got their feet wet at the water park this year.

McIntyre says “the numbers that we’re seeing at least through June and July are on par attendance wise for what we expect them to be on a normal year.”

They also say it’s unfair to compare this year’s attendance to 2012’s because of last summer’s heat wave.

McIntyre says “last summer was a very abnormal weather year for us. It was very hot, it was very dry. Weather really wasn’t an obstacle unlike this year.”

Next week organizers will meet to discuss how to build on this year's success for next season.

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