Man Remains in Jail after Duct Taping and Photographing Two Young Girls


DeKalb- This is the quiet DeKalb neighborhood near river heights golf course where police arrested Robert Gahlbeck, 56.  


He's accused of restraining two girls under the age of 13 by putting duct tape on their mouths and hands. DeKalb Police say Gahlbeck then tied his step-granddaughter and her friend to a rope hanging from a hook in the home.


"When the juvenile arrived home the child had had some redness around her mouth and the parent inquired how it happened. And that's when the initial outcry was made" said DeKalb Police Commander John Petragallo.


One man, whose grandmother lives near Gahlbeck says neighbors called him "Bob." When neighborhood residents saw police cars and officers carrying out bags of evidence they were stunned.


"We did locate photographs consistent with what the children had told us. They were restrained with duct tape to a rope and had duct tape over their mouths" explained Petragallo.


Gahlbeck is charged with two counts of kidnapping and two counts of unlawful restraint. There was no allegation of sexual abuse.  


Detectives urge people with any information to come forward. Police officers hope to keep the neighborhood safe for area families and NIU students.  


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