MetLife To Close Freeport Locations, Layoffs Expected


FREEPORT - A decision by MetLife to close its Freeport location will lead to layoffs.

According to a statement from MetLife, they're closing the Freeport facility to "more effectively encourage collaboration by having larger teams of employees co-located in fewer locations."

Nearly 200 employees will transition to a work from home arrangement.  Other positions will be moved to other MetLife facilities across the U.S.

MetLife says they'll provide assistance to affected employees.  It'll work with the Illinois Dept. of Employment Security to help place and train employees who are losing their jobs.

Freeport’s Mayor Jim Gitz says he found out about the closing two days ago and calls it a surprise. He says “there was no notice in the state of Illinois, no notice in MetLife, no advance warning, no opportunities to equal incentives from another state.

Some residents are upset. Jan Werntz says “we sit and we go we don’t have any jobs coming to town, and now we’re going to have more people leaving without work. Which means a lot more people will be leaving our community.”

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