Midsommar Fest Celebrates 75th Year In Rockford

- ROCKFORD - Rockford was buzzing with sounds and smells of Swedish culture Saturday, as the Swedish Historical Society kicked off yet another successful year of Midsommar Fest. This festival attracts people from all across the Stateline and with the city of Rockford having the third largest Swedish population in the nation locals say it is always a good time.

Swedish pancakes, shopping, and more Swedish pancakes are all part of Midsommar Festival in Rockford’s Haight Village. “You know our whole purpose is to really attract the younger crowd that is really important. You know you incorporate live music, and beer and I think we are going to have a great turnout tonight.” Said Mike Lunde, President of the Swedish American Historical Society.

This traditional Swedish festival, which is celebrated worldwide, welcomes the arrival of the Summer Solstice. This year being the 75th year the Swedish Historical Society has organized the fest. Bringing in hundreds of people to enjoy the city’s rich culture, especially when thousands of Swedes live right here in the Forrest City.

Matt Lunde has been coming to the Swedish fest for years and now sells his Swede inspired handmade knives and wooden carvings to the public, and says the fest offers many activities. “We have the third largest concentration of Swedes in the country in the Rockford area. So there is a lot of Swedes!”

Among the shops and handmade trinkets are also restaurants like The Stockholm Inn, whose intoxicating smell of Swedish delights draws in quite the crowd. “Actually, it has been all of the Swedish pancakes with the lingonberries. We sent our guys back three times to get more. I can't believe it, it has just been a big year.” Said Rich Huffman of The Stockholm Inn.

The fest is also family friendly and gives locals a chance to become one with their community and learn more about the Swedish heritage. “Our family comes here every year, and we just really enjoy the friendly activities for the family, and it is great entertainment as well.” Said Josephine Lyttle, a Rockford resident.

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