Minnesota Church Group Helps Local Woman Replace Her Fence

After past break-ins to her Westside home, Rockford native Julia Hester needs a new fence line put up.

Julia Hester says "they have moved my fence for safety, from vandalism, and someone breaking in."


But she can't do it all by herself. That's why she's getting help from middle schoolers, who came all the way from the Twin Cities.


They came from Lord of Life Lutheran Church. They are hard at work on Hester's backyard digging, cleaning, and cutting.


They say they're excited to give a Stateline woman a helping hand.


Volunteer Matthew Paider says "it's awesome I think you know it's giving back to the community just a great opportunity to get out, meet some new people, and just enjoy."


These children were brought here by Rockford Work Camps. They have been involved with the community for more then seventeen years.


This here is one of the many volunteer groups that will be hitting to Rockford throughout the summer.


Michelle Ryan of Rockford Work Camps says "it's a fantastic job because we know that we are working with the people in our community to make their houses warmer, safer, dryer.


This is good news for people like Hester. She calls these volunteers her "Minnesota Angels."


Hester says "it makes me feel so happy and so thankful to them and to the families and to everyone else that has this group going for me and for everyone else that needs help."


Rockford Work Camps is looking for more projects this summer. For any information on how to help out, you can visit their website: www.rockfordworkcamps.org

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