More than a Dozen Minor Traffic Crashes Reported at Rockford Roundabout

ROCKFORD- Traffic flows quickly at the roundabout at Main and Auburn Streets.

"I love it. I get here so much faster instead of having to wait at the light for like three to four minutes," said Der Rathskeller Employee Zoe Delehanty.

Eyewitness News hit the streets to see what drivers thought about the new traffic pattern.

“Well we just came from the Ice Hogs game and we found this restaurant easily so it seems to be working," shared one Rockford Driver.

But not everyone is a fan. Some drivers believe the roundabout causes more car accidents than before it opened.

"I avoid it every chance I get," said Driver Terry Kast.

And most likely so will those involved in a Monday morning crash, after witnesses say the driver of the car was in the outside lane and cut left instead of going straight. It was then hit by a pickup truck.

Rockford Police report there's been at least 12 minor accidents since this roundabout opened just a few months ago to drivers.

Manager Mike Dupre of Der Rathskeller which is located near the new roundabout says it's a great traffic control device.

"Mostly positive feedback, you know there is a learning curve but after customers have learned it they are very receptive of it" said Dupre.

Kast used to own a pool hall at the Main and Auburn intersection. He thinks people just don't know how to use the lanes correctly.

"I don't like it. I think it's a waste of money.  I think it's going to be like downtown when they tore out the mall, put the mall in and then tore it out years later" said Kast.

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