Motorcycle Safety Tips That You Possibly Didn't Know

- ROCKFORDD- One local Harley shop is urging rider safety as the weather warms up.

Kim Affinito, of Kegel-Harley Davidson, can you tell you all about safety. For over a decade, she's been showing Stateliners why well-fitting helmets are so important.

"I make sure my helmet moves with my head so it's not bobbling all over the place. Than it will stay in position while you ride down the road says Affinito.

If you're wearing a helmet, everything should move with you. Your scalp should move and your eyebrows should move. Kim states, "that is a proper fitting helmet".

Your gear is important too. It's also safe to wear coats that help avoid serious injuries.

"These coats have built in body armor. That keeps you safe in case of an accident, if you go down. It will absorb the pressure in the elbows and your shoulders.

And while any light can show what's in front of you. The LED safety feature can even show what's around bends.

Owner Mark Kegel says, "when a person is doing 75 miles an hour and he has too much front brake. The rear break will also apply on its own to help keep control of the motorcycle".

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