Much Buzz About Bee Shortages in the Stateline

- Rockford- Apples at Curran’s Orchard are falling off trees before becoming ripened, because they’re not fully pollinated. The owner of the orchard Pat Curran says there are simply not enough bees. He had to pay to bring in bees to help pollinate.

They’re not the only ones breaking the bank for buzzing bees. Some local beekeepers have lost up to 70% of their hives.

Phillip Raines from Raines Honey Farm says "With all the cold weather and the bad honey year that beekeepers had in the United States last year, along with the loss of forage, a lot of bees never made it through winter.”

Raines lost most of the bees he kept in the Stateline, but says he did not take a huge hit since he shipped many to Mississippi to avoid the cold. He says a bee shortage could lead to a food shortage. Raines says "If you go into a produce section of your local grocery store and you take two-thirds of that produce out of there, that's what you're going to be left with without honeybees”

Curran is preparing for a light crop this year. He his apple production could be cut in half. Curran says "The winter didn't help us, the bees don't help us because there aren't many of them, it's gonna be a challenging year, it's going to be one of those years but you live with it you know."

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