NAACP Questions Demetrius Bennett Ruling

Members of the Rockford NAACP, along with State Representative Chuck Jefferson standing behind them, say last November's shooting of Demetrius Bennett needs a closer examination.


NAACP President Lloyd Johnston says "it is time to begin looking not so much as to whether the shootings are justified or not, but time to look at the decisions police and supervisors took that led up to the shooting."

NAACP President Lloyd Johnston says they're taking a pro-active approach after three black men were killed by Rockford Police last year.


Bennett's shooting death was the latest to be ruled justified. Shot after police say he lunged at them with a steak knife in a small kitchen. Many at the press conference believe Bennett did not deserve to die.


L.C Wilson of the NAACP says "common sense tells me that if I was in a position like that and I had the opportunity like that to shoot somebody in the leg, that's what I would do. I wouldn't try to take a person out."


Studies done by the NAACP show that twenty five percent of police officers in Illinois admitted to seeing fellow officers harass an individual most likely due to their race. Lifetime NAACP member Chuck Jefferson made a plea for change.


State Representative Chuck Jefferson says "all we ask for is inclusion, and equality and no special treatment. No different treatment."


While they are respectful of the work Rockford Police are doing, they want to see new methods such as diversity and sensitivity training for their officers. Jefferson says "we're not pointing fingers at anyone, we're looking for answers."

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