NDK Ruled at Fault For 2009 Fatal Explosion

- Rockford- Investigators for the Chemical Safety Board found the NDK explosion from 2009 resulted from stress corrosion cracking of a high pressure vessel.

The explosion left one man dead, and another injured.  NDK was ruled to be at fault for the explosion. Investigators say they ignored warnings. They recommend they make changes to make the facility safer before opening.

RAFAEL MOURE-ERASO of the US Chemical Safety Board says “the insurance company that insured the company had inspected the reactors and had told the NDK Company that they were not safe to run. And even after that information, they continued to run it.” 

But why didn’t government inspections spot the flaws before the disaster? The agency says it’s the company’s responsibility to maintain a safe facility.

Moure-Eraso says “you cannont blame the city or the state because they didn’t inspect properly. I mean they knew exactly what the processes were, they should have known what the dangers were and it’s their responsibility to make sure this doesn’t happen.”

The investigation also looked into the zoning laws of the NDK building. The CSB says the place is located too close to the Illinois Tollway.

Lead investigator Jonnie Banks says “we’re asking manufacturers and folks that are engaged in the processes to consider where they are in relation to other folk that could be impacted by a catastrophic failure of their equipment.”

These are strictly recognitions, but they could become orders. This process could take up to two years.

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