Neighbors React To 3-Year-Old Shot

A mother and her daughter are recovering after being shot Monday night

ROCKFORD - A mother and her daughter are recovering after being shot while they were sitting on their own front porch. Police say the 3-year-old girl had to have surgery on her leg, but is expected to be okay. Her mother also shot in the leg. Now those living in the area where the shooting happened are scared they or their family could be next.

Bullet holes and cracked glass, a stark reminder of a double shooting that happened at a home on Sunset Avenue Monday night.

"It's heartbreaking the city is turning into this way," neighbor Angel Dowthard. "Now, it's to the point you just can't  walk up and down the street, you can't just go outside and do whatever it was we could've done maybe five, ten years ago."

Police say several people, including the mom and her daughter, were on the porch when someone inside a dark SUV opened fire. Brian Woodard has lived down the street from the victims for a year now. He says they didn't deserve it.

"She takes care of her kids... Whenever I go over by there, I've been knowing her for a long time and she's basically just sitting on the porch, lets the kids play outside which you should be able to do at your own home."

Angel Dowthard lives a block away. She's worried her family could get caught up in the next shooting. "It could've been any of my nieces or nephews. I mean, we sit out here every day. Just imagining it could've been, it was a three year old wasn't it? So thinking about my nephew he's three, the other ones are four and five. So, thinking if it could've been one of them, it would've been horrible."

"I think it's just sad that kids have to be around that, be subject to that type of stuff," said Woodard. "It's just senseless. They shouldn't have to grow up around that but, you know, it happens daily."

Woodard says to stop the violence, he and other residents need to stand up to criminals. "We cannot just sit idle and watch this continue  to go on, it has to start somewhere and I do believe it start with the community, it starts with us."

So far, no one is in custody. Rockford Police ask anyone with information to contact them or Crimestoppers.

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