Neighbors React To Rockford Man Found Shot Dead In A Car

- Rockford- Thirty year old Felix Mbinga was found dead inside of a car from a gunshot wound to the chest. A neighbor notified police when hey saw him slumped at the wheel. Loud noises of men yelling woke up Hilda Carlstron.

Rockford resident Hilda Carlstron says “I saw the guy laid down on his yard, and then I saw the police. When they took something in a blanket or something on top and they took it away.”

Neighbors say Mbinga used to live in the neighborhood. An area that’s known for its high crime rate.

Carlstron says “it’s dangerous. And I live alone.”

Eight Fifteen International Styles and Cuts are right on the corner where Rockford’s latest murder happened. Owner Jason Beaks is fed up.

Beaks says “stop being so quick to pickup a gun. You know, it’s been a lot of shootings in Rockford period. A lot of murders; it needs to stop.”

He says there are a lot of families in the area who frequent his business,

Beaks says “I have a lot of customers that come and get their haircut, a lot of single moms, so that type of behavior, that type of crime, I don’t like that.

Mbinga moved to Rockford from Congo.  No arrests have been made so far. Anybody with any information is asked to contact Rockford Crimestoppers at (815) 963-7867.

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