New Act: Airfest Unveils International Performance for 2014 Event

- ROCKFORD -- Airfest unveils new entertainment, Monday after the annual event was canceled last year.

After a year hiatus thanks to the federal sequester, Airfest will be back with a vengeance for 2014.

"Since we had a year off, we had opportunity to think about how we could improve our processes...create a more family friendly environment," said Amy Ott, Deputy Director for RFD.

And add spice to an already jam packed line up. This year, Airfest boasts an international act.

"We're excited to include the Canadian Snowbirds for the first time since the return of Airfest," said Ott. "So we're glad to have them as a new addition to our team."

They'll join the graces of other Airfest acts including the Thunderbirds and the Golden Knights, but that's not all that's worth bragging about. Usually Airfest goers are charged individually for tickets, but this year bring your friends, because it'll cost just 30 bucks total for a whole car load of people.

"We're really trying to bring people from outside Rockford, to Rockford, for one to see a great event, and two, experience a great airport," Ott said.

And that news has the Rockford Area Convention and Visitors Bureau soaring.

"It gives us a chance, the Rockford region, to highlight all the top rated museums sights and attractions along with the eateries in our region," said Andrea Mandala, Marketing and Communications for the RACVB.

Which means all the attendees will translate to an extra $3 million in revenue for the city. 

If you'd like to volunteer for Airfest 2014, there are still about 100 slots available. Click here to sign up.


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