New Details on the Deadly Shooting on Rockford's Eastside

- ROCKFORD, IL--Thursday was a chaotic scene, with police cars and crime tape cordoning off the area, where 27-year-old Ramone Bowen was shot in the chest and killed.

Police say Bowen was killed by his employee at his landscaping business.

32-year-old, Michael Medearis, was arraigned Friday on murder charges--and we've learned he was already in trouble with the law.

Just two weeks ago, an emergency order of protection was issued against Medearis by a former girlfriend with whom he had a child.

It reads that Medearis is considered armed, dangerous, and suicidal.

But for now, police are being tight lipped about the details.

"The cases in which that stem from, that order of protection stems from, are still under investigation and therefore, I would not be able to talk about those,” said David Hopkins, deputy chief of the Rockford police department.

In court, we also learned that Medearis is homeless and we'll likely remain in jail.

His bond is set at one-million dollars.


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