New Law Bans Tanning for Teens

Parental consent forms for underage tanners will soon be a thing of the past. That’s because Governor Quinn signed a bill banning anyone under the age of 18 from tanning.

"I’m not surprised, but I am upset. I feel that parents or legal guardians should have the right to make that decision," said Bermuda Tan and Company Co-Owner Amy Bunting.

Bunting doesn't think the new law will negatively affect business. 

"Usually just about 10% are teens. They only come during like homecoming, prom, spring break or any kind of vacation," explained Bunting.

Doctor Nicole Hartsough argues teens shouldn't be tanning before vacations anyways. 

"It really doesn't protect you that much from natural sunlight burning, so even that's not a good idea .You’re better, again, if you want to look tan when you're in Florida get a spray tan and then just use a 50 SPF sunscreen when you're down there," said Dr. Hartsough.

Some are worried teens will just seek out unregulated options to tan, or head north to Wisconsin where the tanning age is 16.

"What are they going to do? They are going to go somewhere. Whether it's a friend’s basement in a tanning bed where there are no regulations like we are regulated.  It’s not controlled. Are they going to go outside?" worries Bunting.

Inside or outside the verdict is in from doctors.

"There is no safe tan. Your best tan is a spray-on fake tan if you like the look of being tan," said Dr. Hartsough.

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