New Photo Shows Bear Wandering in Boone County

UPDATE (6/1/14) -- A woman has sent a picture of the bear wandering in Boone County.  Penny Kolb says she took this picture this morning, and was one of a number of people who spotted the bear in the area.

UPDATE (6/9/14) -- Officials tell Eyewitness News Reporter Sabrina Santucci that the bear was spotted Monday in Boone County near the intersection of 173 and Caledonia Rd. by more than one person, and one of them may have photos of it.  If accurate, that means the bear had to cross under I-90 to get there.  We'll update with more details as they become available

UPDATE (6/8/14) - A large bear is spotted twice today. Roscoe Police report a black bear was seen by police in the 400 block of Roscoe Road around 1 AM. Winnebago County Sheriff's Police say a woman called around 2 PM reporting she had seen a bear in a field near N. Main and Roscoe Road. The bear then took off running. The Winnebago County Sheriff's Department reports they will work with a Wisconsin removal agency to trap the bear and move it to a safer location.

WINNEBAGO COUNTY -- On Saturday morning Winnebago County Sheriff’s Deputies were sent to 2146 Geddes Rd. after a woman snapped a picture of the bear in her driveway in the morning.  The bear then ran off to the east.  Deputies checked the yard and found a paw print on the garage door of the  residence approximately six feet up from ground level. A bird feeder in the yard  was knocked over.

The woman who spotted the bear, Sheryl Hutchinson, shot these photos through a window in her home.

A neighbor told deputies she had seen the bear the previous evening, and the DNR also had reports of bear sightings in Freeport and Stockton.

A reverse phone call alert was issued for residents for the area around Geddes Road.

A search for the bear is underway working with animal control to try to tranquilize and move it if spotted with the search focusing on the Mud Creek area, which is right behind Hutchinson's home.

Hutchinson said there has been a lot of development and deforestation in the area in recent years, forcing wildlife into populated areas.

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