New Rockford Ordinance Holding Landlords Accountable

- Rockford- Landlord Dick Eckburg has had many things happen on his rental properties that he was unaware of.

Eckburg says “my tenant came in and paid the rent and told me her property had been broken into. That was the first time I knew about it.”

Eckburg has been a realtor for more then forty years. He wants landlords to take care of their property because it hurts the value of the places he rents out when they don’t’.

Rockford is taking action. Starting next month the city will notify landlords whenever they respond to an incident on their property.

If the tenant gets into incidents on several occasions, then the city will sit down with both the landlord and the tenant to mediate. Paul Arena of the Rockford Apartment Association sees it as improving living conditions in Rockford.

Arena says “what this ordinance does is it says if the people in government feel it’s necessary to evict these people for their criminal conduct, then they’re going to assist making it happen.”

The Rockford Apartment Association plans to hold a meeting in the near future to get all local landlords up to speed.

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