NIU Leads FSU in Orange Bowl Ticket Sales

Hundred of students are driving nearly 1,500 miles to support their NIU Huskies against the Florida State Seminoles. Senior Peter Hamlin already has a hotel booked and is ready for the Orange Bowl on New Years Day. 


Hamlin explains, "it's a one time opportunity for NIU to make it to the Orange Bowl hopefully they do well and prove that NIU football is a good team and can compete against others."


NIU has 17,500 tickets to sell, they've distributed 5,500. That's 1,000 more than the hometown team.


"They're about an hour away from the stadium and I think they should be able to make it to support their team. We're driving about 23 hours to make it there to support NIU so that's kind of a shame on their school to me," says Hamlin.


Hoping for a large turnout NIU unveiled their donated ticket program. Fans can buy a ticket and have it donated to a south Florida veteran or Big Brothers Big Sisters of greater Miami.


Associate Athletics Director Donna Turner says "I think this is something that will be popular with our people who are like 'nah I can't make it to Miami but I still want to show my support for NIU.' "


With the national spotlight firmly set on the huskies. The school wants to show the nation that Northern Illinois is proud of their team and despite what the naysayers believe; they belong in the orange bowl.


Turner explains "it's really important that we have a good showing of fans in our sections. And that our sections appear to be full. And it's not only important for that but for the fan experience so that our friends are all together and you're enjoying the bowl game being in Miami among other fellow huskies."


The University says it's best to buy Orange Bowl tickets directly from the school. They've exhausted their supply of $225 dollar tickets. Plenty of tickets remain priced $75 through $165 dollars. Tickets are free for NIU students.


Supporters can get more information about purchasing tickets at

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