NIU Students Have a Case of Bowl Fever

DEKALB- "Go Huskies!" exclaimed NIU Student Danny Mark. Students at Fatty's Pub and Grill are ready for the Huskies to compete in the MAC championship.

"I feel that the Huskies are going to walk over Bowling Green tomorrow. We’ve already had our tough test in the MAC with Ball State and Toledo," said NIU Student Sean Rodgers.

Restaurant Managers at Fatty’s expect more than 200 hundred fans to drop in to watch the game. Meanwhile, students are getting ready by having a little faith in Quarterback Jordan Lynch.

"I think Jordan Lynch is going to run for about 400 yards, throw for three touchdowns and hopefully he'll end up in New York," said Mark.

NIU Director of Student Involvement Jill Zambito says hundreds of students will board five charter buses bound for Detroit. The $15 travel package sold out in one day.

Her favorite part of coordinating the road trips are seeing the faculty and students come together.

"Well winning for sure. It's really fun to see the school come together, the whole community come together and just get excited about one common, fun, positive goal," said Zambito.

Other students, unable to travel to Detroit because of finals plan on watching the championship close to campus. If the Huskies win then it's time for students to start packing. 

"I’m already looking into tickets to go to the Fiesta Bowl. That would be awesome. A school this small normally doesn't get the opportunity to play in such a big game so I wouldn't miss it," said NIU Student Warren English.

Northern has sold out of their allotment of 3,000 tickets to the MAC championship. Huskie fans can still purchase tickets through Ford Field either in advance or at the game.

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