No Wake Zone in Effect at Rock River


ROCKFORD – During the 4th of July a no wake zone will be in effect at Shorewood Park until 9pm, and from the Whitman Street Bridge to the Fordam Dam until midnight.

"The boat should not be traveling any faster than they can safely control their boat, so we don't want to have the boats putting out large waves that might be damaging other boats on the shoreline or other property, so it could vary from 2 to 5 miles an hour," said Gil Stansell, a Winnebago County River Patrol Officer.

Boaters should always double check they have a charged battery, an operational fire extinguisher and life rings. Also, make sure kids are always wearing their life jackets.

Especially now, after recent severe storms dangerous debris are floating down the Rock River.

"We have limbs, branches, trees so all the boaters really need to be aware of the water conditions, and be able to respond accordingly," said Stansell.

For those looking to celebrate with a few drinks keep in mind that if you drink too much you could lose your boat.

"An OUI on the water does not affect your driver's license, but it does affect your driving privileges; you would still be arrested and transported to jail, [and] your boat will be towed," said Stansell.

Anyone with a boat that has a problem while you are on the water call the river patrol at 815-262-1510.

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