Non Profit Organization Hoping to Fix Up Rockford's West Side

- This could be the start of a beautiful relationship between the city of Rockford and Purpose Built Communities. The group made a trip to Rockford to discuss remodeling the Westside.

But nothing is set in stone yet. This is what the organization likes to call the “dating period.” Purpose Built Communities focuses on fixing up communities filled with high poverty and crime. It’s backed by Warren Buffet.

Carol Naughton is the organization says “it’s not just about housing, it’s not just about education, it’s not just about community wellness. It’s about all three of those strategies integrated and woven together in a comprehensive way.” Many agree that’s what’s needed in the Forest City.

Winnebago County Chairman Scott Christiansen says “crime has been an issue. Again, if we could do something with the Concord Commons, and again those folks will all be communicated with. They will be taken care of in any process.”

Christiansen is referring to tearing down Rockford’s Concord Commons to remodel them. 

Rockford’s NAACP President Lloyd Johnston says he’ll take any help he can get to bring jobs and development to the west side. Johnson says “if the least of us in the communities do not advance and prosper, then the whole of us cannot move forward into the 21st century at that rate that we should be moving.”

This is the first meeting between Purpose Built Communities and Rockford City Leaders. They will soon decide if they are a good match in working together in rebuilding Rockford.

Representatives from the organization say that if they are not a good fit for Rockford, then they will try to find somebody who is.

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