Now Hiring: Gov. Quinn Highlights Expanding Local Company

- ROCKFORD -- Governor Quinn stops in Rockford to tout jobs numbers as a local manufacturer gets ready to expand. The move means Slidematic Precision will be looking to hire, something that seems to be a rarity among manufacturers statewide.

Pushing the limits has paid off at Slidematic Precision in Rockford. Governor Pat Quinn even took notice of the family-owned company's progress, Friday afternoon.

"Slidematic is going to be adding about 30 new jobs, investing $4 million in expansion," said Gov. Pat Quinn (D-IL).

The announcement comes as Illinois finally slipped below the eight percent unemployment mark in April.

"[Thursday] we got good news that the unemployment rate is declining in Illinois, our jobs are going up," said Gov. Quinn.

But over the past year, the state lost nearly 9,000 manufacturing jobs. It's something the governor didn't want to talk about, Friday.

"What would you attribute that loss to, and how would you amend that going forward?" asked Christie Nicks, Eyewitness News.
"Well if you take a look at the longer picture since the recovery began in February of 2010, our state has created 250 thousand jobs across Illinois," replied Quinn.

Slidematic Precision owner Randy Baker says while his company is doing well, he does see the flight of manufacturing out of the state and the nation.

"I think our government does not recognize the need for the manufacturing to the level that it's needed," said Baker.

With his son Brad showing off the facility that's gotten the family so far, Randy says it feels good to announce he's hiring in an area that's seen its share of economic struggles.

"It's a payback to all the things that have been good to me throughout all of the years, good to my family, good to my kids," said Baker.

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