Nursing Home Residents May Be Homeless If Budget Cuts Fall Through


(Rockford) Amberwood residents chant (hold the line) at the rally on budget cuts Wednesday. Cuts so bad, it would leave nurses unemployed and residents no where to live. The state is proposing Medicaid cuts that would affect eighty-five percent of the residents who live there and more than sixty-eight-hundred nursing home employees statewide. Health Care Council, Pat Comstock, got all of the residents to sign a “Hold The Line” banner and plans to deliver it to Springfield, along with their picture. ”You know why we're doing that because when we talk about budget cuts it is too easy to focus on numbers on a piece of paper. We need to let them know that's it's about each and every one of you,” says Comstock.


Amberwood resident, Fran Gullotto says, “I would do it myself if I could.”


Seventeen percent comes out of the residents pockets that live here. Now if the budget cuts do go through it could be devastating and could close fifty nursing homes statewide. “If they close this place down I don’t' have a place to go. I don't. This is my home,” says Amberwood resident Wilma Johnson.


These residents say they’re not looking for a handout. Just a little bit of help. “And besides we're paying a certain amount ourselves. It's not like they're footing the whole bill you know,” says Johnson.


Fran Gullotto has been here since last November and is on Medicaid. She would be impacted by any cuts. She can’t thank the Health Care Council and Pat Comstock enough for her support. “She's a team player and she cares,” says Gullotto. Chants, (Hold The Line)

The Health Care Council of Illinois traveled to five other locations in the state rallying.

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