Obama Care Deadline Just Hours Away

- ROCKFORD - A steady stream of Stateline residents came to OSF St. Anthony on Sunday, to work with affordable care act navigators on submitting applications for health insurance.

Sonia Mora, an OSF healthcare navigator said many residents have been coming for help. “very overwhelming, but satisfying at the same time, because we are able get a lot of the people enrolled”

The Obama care deadline to buy insurance is Monday, but applicants who start the process before that deadline, will receive more time.

Serina Starnes who works for OSF healthcare said “they extended it 2 weeks for people who have created their accounts and have not been able to complete their enrollment process, so those people qualify for the 2 week extension”

Local residents can secure their coverage by submitting basic information by Monday “they need to get in there and at least create their username and password, then they can have 2 weeks, then they can come in and make an appointment with us” said Starnes.

Although many applicants are logging on to submit an application, the process has been tough at times. “we were just getting ready to submit those applications, and then we would run into an error message, so in that case we would have to switch over to a paper application” said Mora

Maria Perea, a Rockford resident applying for Obama Care said her and her family are interested in the ACA coverage plans because their current plan is too expensive. “I receive insurance through my job, but it is expensive so I want to find out information on the Obama Care health plans” said Perea

The application process is simple; applicants sign onto GetCoveredIllinois.gov and answer a series of questions about their coverage, health, location, and income.

If applicants do not sign up for coverage before midnight on March 31st, Mora said there is a penalty fee. “when they file their taxes, in 2014, they will get penalized if they did not have insurance, if they did not sign up by the 31st of march”

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