Old District 205 Administration Building Could Be Leveled


ROCKFORD - The city unveils its latest idea to relieve downtown's parking problem and it could be the key to getting the Ingersoll Project passed too.  But, the idea's impact could reach so much further.

It's a problem that consistently plagues downtown Rockford: no parking.  Especially, during events like the Rockford City Market.

"It can be a challenge" says Cathy McDermott, Manager for the popular summer event.  "People might have to walk a little bit to get there."

And with a plan in the works to renovate the old Ingersoll Building potentially causing even more parking problem, the city knows it has to do something.

"One of the concerns we've had with the Ingersoll Project is having enough parking to get people close to the building" says Ald. Kevin Frost (4th Ward).

A necessary puzzle piece before the city decides whether to transform the Ingersoll building into a sports complex, while providing room to grow for events like the City Market.

"The market may even expand that way some day to try and tie in with the sports complex so it could be great for the area" says McDermott.

The proposal for the city to acquire the old District 205 Administration Building for parking was laid over at Monday night's city council meeting.

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