Opening Day Snow Throws Aviators A Curveball

- ROCKFORD – “Just trying to get everything nice for opening day” said Rockford Aviators grounds crew member Matthew Entsminger. He has prepared hundreds of fields for game day and knows that you have to be prepared for anything. “It is hectic, and we want to get it as nice as we can for the fans on opening day.”

But, Entsminger has never seen snow on opening day. In fact, The Aviators have never seen an opening day below 70 degrees. “We were not expecting snow; we did have the tarp on the field, so we were prepared for some type of wet weather.” Said Brad Sholes The Aviators General Manager

Nor was anyone else prepared for the snow. Pictures poured into our Newsroom from across the Stateline, of yards and decks completely covered in snow. Some areas getting as much as half an inch of accumulation, does this sound like Baseball weather?  I don't this so!

Although we saw snow covering the Stateline this morning, the grounds crew knows they have to do what it takes to get the field ready for opening day. “The crews have a large to do list to complete before the first pitch, especially with the grounds wet from snow. There is still standing water, and stuff, so we have to soak all of that water up.” But, the team says the snow will not ruin opening day. “We are all set for tonight, 7:05p.m. The field will be ready, and the beer will be flowing, the soda will be going and the food will be hot and ready for the fans” said Sholes.

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