Oregon Teen Laid to Rest

Dozens of people enter an Oregon funeral home paying their respects to Jonathan Williams, 18.

"He was just very athletic, outgoing, and wanting to do stuff all the time,” said Audrey Mongan.

Mongan describes Williams as an excellent friend.

"He’s just so easy to get along with. And just so lovable, always put a smile on everybody’s face even when they were down I could count, just countless times I could see that happen," said Mongan.

As family and friends mourn the loss of Williams Oregon police are still trying to piece together what happened that fateful night.

Williams died from injuries he sustained during an altercation at a party. Police have interviewed people who were at the gathering before and after the fight.

"Basically now what we're doing is continuing to go through, scrutinize, the information that we're gleaning from those see if there's anything that we need to verify, or do any secondary interviews. But we believe we're to the point where we’re finished with interview process," said Oregon Police Chief Darin DeHaan.

Police have also gathered evidence. Officers are hoping to present the case to Ogle County States Attorney Mike Rock next week.

"This is a very, very complex case. So when we present this to the States Attorney he is going to have to interpret the events that took place that night and look for any additional charges beyond the arrests that we've made now," explained Chief DeHaan.

There’s no timeline on toxicology or autopsy results. Police have asked for additional testing from specialists.  They’re still waiting for all of the results. 

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