Parents Rally To Stop Bullying In Stateline Schools

- ROCKFORD - Every day is a struggle, for hundreds of kids around the Stateline. Who continually become victims of bullying.  “They say mean stuff, and sometimes when I was walking home from school they would push me down in the grass.” Said 11 year old David Myers

Eyewitness News received pictures of bruises, cuts, and bumps that 9-year old  Payten Brown came home with on a regular basis, after he was punched kicked and verbally abused at school. “He was bullied all throughout this year; he was attacked three different times, by multiple students each time” said Carmen Divan, Paytens mother.

That was until she took charge.  “The day that he told me that he doesn’t want to wake up in the morning and go to school, that was too much.” Said Divan

After the school refused to step in, she took her anti bullying campaign to social media and Divan says she received positive feedback from hundreds of people who said their children were experiencing the same thing. “If you just reach out, people want to help. Everyone is affected by bullying in some way, shape or form.”

Governor Pat Quinn signed a new anti bullying law that will require schools to report all incidents to parents and have a bullying policy and program, which Quinn says will keep intimidation and fear out of Illinois schools. “This new law coming out where parents are notified, that is great. We need to know what is going on to our kids at school.”said David’s mother, Barbara Perez.

Parents hope this campaign will help kids re-gain confidence and remind them that they are not alone.

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