New Changes for New Season of Stateline Quiz Bowl

Teams adjusting to new location

ROCKFORD - The fourth season of the Bergstrom Stateline Quiz Bowl game show is already underway. This year, the show has a new look -- with a new location, set, logo.

The game show now takes place at UTC Aerospace Systems in Rockford. Participating students say they're ready for something different.

"We're excited that it's something fresh and something we've never done before," said Galena High School student Evelyn Larson. "We've done old Bergstrom but we don't what this is going to be like."

Larson adds their team will have to be on their A-game during the competition , and quickly adapt to the new set and style of play. "Obviously we're in a new building and we're a little nervous about what that's going to be like because we felt so nice and secure in the old building and now we have a new place. We don't know what it's going to be like."

Matthew Werkheiser is a returning participant from Pearl City High School. He says the change in location could possibly give them an advantage. "Hopefully the new location brings a better environment. I know that the last location had a lot of seats for audience, I don't see a lot of seats for audience here but maybe that's a good thing."

Larson says the best part of Quiz Bowl, during any season, is the opportunity for her friends and family to watch her compete on television. "Being able to watch it. Allowing my grandparents to watch it, my family ,later on when the episode actually comes out. That's the fun part."

You can catch the Stateline Quiz Bowl Saturdays on WTVO at 6:30 pm, Sunday mornings on "my network TV" at 8:30 am, or Sunday nights at 9:30 pm on FOX-39.

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