Patients of Rockford Doctor Accused Of Sexual Abuse Speak Out


Rockford- Brinda Cook was a patient of Dr. Charles DeHaan, She told her caregiver Melissa Johnson that Dehaan sexually abused her, but Johnson did not believe her.


Johnson says “he would come when I was there, and when I wasn’t there. When I was there he wouldn’t say anything. He would act professional, like a doctor. And then one day she mentioned that he touched her inappropriately and I just kind of blew it off.”


Dr. DeHaan is accused by state officials of having sexual inappropriate conduct with several female patients. DeHaan made in home visits to patients, including here at Heritage Woods Assisted Living Center.


His license is currently suspended. Johnson says she thought she could trust him. She says “when I seen that I was just about shocked and then I just felt horrible because I didn’t believe her and she was going through that you know. And I was just shocked.


Some more patients of Dr. DeHaan said they heard rumors of him behaving inappropriately with his patients. Marilyn Fortner was one of them. She says DeHaan never abused her.


Fortner says “he never bothered me, but he probably knew if he did he would get kicked where it hurt.”


Officials believe DeHaan may have sexually abused more Stateline women, and would like them to come forward.

An official from Heritage Woods says they advise their residents to come forward right away in reporting abuse. As of right now, no charges are pending against DeHaan. DeHaan’s lawyer declined comment.

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