Pens For Patriots

- Although school is out for the weekend, Auburn high school students did not let that stop them from making a difference.

John Basque, the co-chairman of Pens for Patriots said that he was impressed with the participation. 

“The kids have just been outstanding. They are doing a great job. They are making this so much faster than we thought it would be."

Auburn High school teamed up with the Northern Illinois Wood Turners Association to hand make pens for patriots over seas in Afghanistan.

Roger Pelkey a Vietnam veteran knows what it is like to be overseas serving and believes that service men are going to love their handmade gifts. 

"I think its great to get contact from home and know that people back home care about us and remember us. That is a big deal.”

The process takes about fifteen minutes to hand make each pen.

Peter Hedlund a volunteer from the Wood Turners Association said he was working aggressively to get as many pens made as possible.

"You turn them around to the bushings and then sand them finish the pens and pass them over to the kids sitting at the table and the process goes from there."

Although students are back in school on a Saturday, they know they are doing the right thing.

Carena Clevenz a freshman at Auburn said that time flies when you are having fun.

"Things are going along pretty fast, you do not even realize that time is going by and were all having fun."

Nic Cardino, a senior at Auburn said that although he is giving up part of his beloved weekend he wants to be there helping out.

"I would not be anywhere else this is a great thing to do. it is the right thing to do for me."

After all of the hard work is over and the pens are made Basque says that the feedback from the Patriots makes it more than worth it.

"The one that really got to me was a guy that was in Kabul at the Air Force base. He basically said that he was just incredibly touched by the gift that he actually has to keep it hidden because the other guys in his unit are constantly trying to steal it."

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