Pig Virus Hits Dekalb County

- These newborn piglets are healthy. But, thousands of piglets in Dekalb County weren't as lucky. The disease, similar to a stomach virus in humans, has killed an estimated 30-percent of pigs in the area in just four months. (see attached video)

"It has been quite devastating. The virus is so strong they cant survive vomiting and diarrhea. They basically get dehydrated," said Ed Arndt Jr, who has a pig farm in Malta.

"It's an extremely contagious disease and we're trying to eradicate it as you can see there's a white powder on the floor that helps absorb any virus that's left."

Arndt owns E & E Arndt Farms in Malta and he lost about a thousand piglets to the virus.

"We essentially lost every baby pig that was born for 4 weeks."

Pig farmers across Illinois are suffering from the same problem.

Which could create a supply problem this summer.

"End of August early September we won't have any pigs to sell."

With fewer pigs to sell, Arndt says farmers will have to recoup the money anyway they can.

And that could mean more expensive pork at the grocery store.

"Basically the consumer will have to pay more for pork as time goes on and so it will raise prices in the grocery store."

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