Police Investigate Death Of Doddy's High School Girlfriend


ROCKTON - New details are emerging about the connection between accused killer Terence Doddy, and the death of a Stateline teen. Now that police know what Doddy is capable of, they are re-opening a suspicious drowning case from early 1990. The drowning case involved Doddy’s high school girlfriend, but officials are not yet calling him a suspect. However, friends of the girl tell Eyewitness News they were suspicious about Doddy from the start.

Double murder suspect Terence Doddy was a sophomore at Hononegah High School back in 1993. Although he may look different now, his high school classmates say his temper never changed. "There was always knowledge that he was easy to anger." Said Kimberly Parham, a graduate of Hononegah High School.

Doddy dated 15-year old Stephanie Johnston during their sophomore year at Hononegah, and about a month after the relationship ended, Johnston went missing. Deputy Chief Dominic Iasparro said "What we know is that he had an association back in 1993 with Stephanie.  They went to the same high school.  They had a relationship prior to her body being found.  So, just based on those circumstances and what's developed today has certainly thrown a new light on this."

According to police she had run away from home, but month’s later investigators found her decayed body floating in the Rock River. Some of Johnston’s friends have always thought Doddy was responsible "It could've been a homicide, someone could've held her under the water and she drowned." Said Winnebago County coroner, Sue Fiduccia.

Doddy is also a top suspect in the death of his friend Todd Hansmeier at the QVSM call center in Rockford, Eyewitness News obtained a year book photo of the two friends from 1993. Doddy also allegedly killed Tonya Bargman for her car at a rest stop in Lee County, and then led police on a high speed chase. Now that police know what Doddy is capable of, Deputy Chief Iasparro  tells Eyewitness News they have reopened Johnston’s case." Back in 1993, we didn't obviously have the information that we have today.  So, based on the information we have today, we're taking a closer look at this case."

Johnston’s friends and family have been searching for answers for the past two decades, and want to know if Doddy is connected to yet another murder. "I would hope they would find something to give closure for all of us who cared about her and have wondered all these years what the truth really was." Said Parham

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