Police Investigate Rockford Woman Shot and Killed

Jim Patz and his brother Tom came from Sycamore to claim the car of twenty two year old Katelynn Gourley.


It's now being towed after a house party Gourley attended in the six hundred block of College Avenue.


That's where he uncle says she was shot and killed over an argument.


Gourley's uncle Jim Patz says "my brother tom, who is back there with the car called me about six this morning to say that Katelynn had been killed. The police came to my sister Colleen's house to tell her."


Patz describes his niece as a caring woman, who was very close to her family. Including her two young children.

Patz says "she has two children, which is sad because now they are going to be without a mother."


Neighbors say they are shocked about the incident which happened shortly before 3:30 am.


Neighbor Becky Lichty says "we have a very strong neighborhood group, The Orchid Third Union College Neighbors Association. We have been working for you know ten-twelve years very hard on trying to clean up the neighborhood. So this was disturbing to us."


Family members are still left with questions while Rockford Police continue to search for answers.


Patz says "why is a person going to a party with a gun. I mean if you are going to a party, shouldn't you be having fun?"

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