Police Officer Turned Legislator Says New Quota Law is a Must

- LOVES PARK -- It's the age-old rumor that police departments across the state and in our area deny: that officers issue tickets because they have a quota to meet. But a Rockford cop turned legislator says it is happening and he explains how a new law will keep the senseless citations from happening in the first place.

The flashing lights. The pen on paper marking a ticket issued. Loves Park Police Chief Rodney Scott says drivers are often quick to blame the officer, and a system he says does not exist.

"Loves Park Police have never had quotas when it comes to writing tickets," said Chief Scott.

Which is why Chief Scott was left scratching his head when he found out about a new state law banning departments  from using quotas.

"During my law enforcement career, I don't know of any department locally that have ever had  quotas," said Chief Scott.

And that's exactly how police officer and Representative John Cabello wants to keep it. He says the bill started because of a mayor looking to generate a few extra bucks for his city, and he doesn't want that to happen here or anywhere else.

"It's just to make sure that the powers that be know because you're losing property value, or because you're losing income this way, you're not going to use your police department as that revenue generating arm that it's not supposed to be," said Rep. Cabello (R-68th District).

But according to Chief Scott, tickets like these actually cost the city money to write.

"Cities aren't writing tickets to get rich, or to fund operations that way," said Chief Scott. "They're more of a deterrent so behaviors aren't exhibited out on the roadways where people get hurt."

To Representative Cabello, it's peace of mind for drivers.

"I think this is a huge win for the little guy, you know, so that now they know that their police departments aren't going to be out there issuing a citation because they have to," said Cabello.

"What they passed doesn't affect our operations one bit," said Chief Scott.

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