Police Union Digs Deeper Into Epperson Investigation

- ROCKFORD - Rockford police Chief Chet Epperson is caught in another fire-storm, this time the police union says the chief is trying to silence officers. It all stems from a complaint filed against Epperson.

Rockford police Chief Chet Epperson is under a lot of scrutiny, and is taking his fight against the union complaint to court.

The police union filed a complaint against Rockford police chief Chet Epperson after he allegedly interfered with a wellness check at the home of  local NAACP president Lloyd Johnston back in October. “It’s gotten to the point now where he is over stepping bounds.” Said Police Union President, Terry Peterson

The police and fire commission sent subpoenas to several officers demanding information from the October incident, but Peterson says Epperson’s lawyer sent an e-mail to those men asking them to ignore the request. “They are hiding something, and why all the obstruction is beyond me.”

Now Epperson is fighting back, asking a circuit court judge to put an end to the police union's efforts to discipline him through the Rockford board of fire and police commissioners. “They are working awful hard to keep us from getting a hold of things.”

Epperson states that the mayor is in charge of punishing the chief, and feels he should not have to appear before the board. “I don’t think that it was my obligation to bring this forward, but the bottom line is that no one else will hold him accountable.”

Peterson says the City of Rockford deserves a better police Chief and a City Hall that can be held accountable, and wonders why Epperson has gone through such trouble to deter the investigation. “It’s all deflection and the deflection kind of makes you wonder, what they are hiding”

The commission ruled that the officers must turn over the information requested from the subpoenas, and Peterson says depending on what the board finds in those documents, could lead to the termination of Chief Epperson.

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