Poll on Illinois Taxes and Spending Appears to Favor Rauner

WTVO/WQRF -- Politicians may disagree over what to do about Illinois' budget and tax crisis, but in a 'Reboot Illinois/We Ask America' poll, voters surveyed spoke loud and clear about what they want to see happen. This was especially true of Independent voters, who may end up deciding a tight Governor's race. Here's what they said, with a link to a full breakdown of the poll below.

Taxes: Should the temporary income tax increase be allowed to expire? 65% said 'yes,' including 71% of Independents. Only Democrats seem split on the issue.

Deficit: How should Illinois fill its budget hole? A majority want to see spending cut, including 59% of Independents.

Spending: If Illinois cuts spending, what should be cut? By far the number one response was 'Public worker retirement income,' with 42.5% of Independents favoring that approach.

If taken in the context of the issues of the Governor's race, the poll would indicate Republican Bruce Rauner has an advantage on the issue over Democratic Incumbant Gov. Pat Quinn, who favors making the temporary tax increase permanent and not cutting state spending. Quinn did sign a measure implementing pension reform which is now being challenged in the courts and some believe doesn't do enough to fix the problem.

While saying he wants to cut spending while allowing the temporary tax increase to expire, Rauner has been criticized for not detailing how or where he would make the cuts.

You can see the full poll here:


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