Possible Backlog at V.A. Hospitals Nationwide

- "This is an absolute disgrace" (see attached video)

That is Congresswoman Cheri Bustos' reaction to the recent allegations emerging out of a Phoenix V.A. hospital.

"We've had people on waiting lists we had fraud involved with these waiting lists," said Bustos.  

Investigators believe V.A. officials tried to disguise how long veterans were actually waiting to get health care. As a result, up to 40 veterans died. Congressman Adam Kinzinger is concerned this could be happening all over the nation, including Illinois.

"It's shocking to me the general can say there's isolated cases but then we keep hearing about new isolated cases all the time. I'm worried were at the tip of an iceberg of something much larger," said Kinzinger.

"This merged out of Phoenix there are some concerns out of the Chicago V.A. and so the investigation now will encompass the entire VA and find out where there are other problems," said Bustos. 

When you consider what veterans have done for this country, many believe this is a terrible way to say thanks.

"You have people willing to put their life on line for their country but then you have bureaucrats that are not willing they're scared of what their job looks like and so their hiding names and hiding lists and its a bad thing," said Kinzinger.

 A federal investigation is looking into just how deep the V.A. scandal goes.

"My concern more than anything is that we get this fixed and we get it fixed quickly so that we don't have people who are harmed by this any further than they already have been," said Bustos.

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