Pothole Problems For Stateline Drivers

- ROCKFORD- Out on the roads the snow is starting to melt but that just starts a whole new set of problems for local drivers

Gino Taltra a Rockford resident said that the road conditions are dangerous.

“The roads have been rough because of the potholes, so you have to be really careful when you are driving. I see so many people that don’t really care if the holes are there, they just hit them.”

It’s easy to see how Rockford roads are getting hit especially hard this year. The road conditions have many Stateline drivers getting towed to the nearest auto body shop.

Bill Brandt from Butitta Brother’s auto body shop says that this is one of his busiest times of year.

“This time of the year is pretty good, between the cold and the snow and then of course we are coming up one of our other favorite times of the year, pot hole season.”

His shop is already full of damaged cars and big repair bills.

“The prices can range from as little as one hundred dollars all the way up to as high as five hundred dollars.”

Brandt also said that every driver should take the time to examine their vehicles tires after hitting a pothole.

“Get out and look at it.  See is the rim dented, is there a bubble on the side of the tire. Do you hear air leaking?”

The uneven road conditions are leaving drivers frustrated. Karla Gonzalez, a Rockford resident says that the roads are like an obstacle course.

“They are horrible it’s like playing a game you know trying to escape them just trying to get away from them.”

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