President Tells Russia To "Stop Tampering With The Evidence"

ROCKFORD - President Obama calls on Russia to grant investigators access to crash site.

The President held a news conference in Washington, D.C. at 10:15am.  He called on Russian President Vladimir Putin to grant international and U.S. investigators access to the site of the Malaysian Airlines plane that was shot down last week.

"What are they trying to hide?" the President asked rhetorically.  "[It's an] insult to those who've lost loved ones."

The group believed to be behind the shooting are not affiliated with the Russian military.  But, they are pro-Russian separatists, whom Obama says are trained and equipped by Russia.  Those separatists are the ones Obama claims are blocking access to the crash site.  Obama alleges they are removing evidence and victims killed in the attack.

"Stop tampering with the evidence" Obama said during his news conference.

Obama even made what could be considered a threat to Russia.  He said if hostile action increases, so too will the cost Russia will have to pay.

Obama is already urging the European Union to press on with economic sanctions against Russia.

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