Reconciliation Day

- Using an ad campaign like nothing we've seen before, Rockford Bishop, David Malloy, is promoting Reconciliation Day. It's purpose? Bishop Malloy wants all of his parishioners to know that no matter how long its been, it's never too late to come back to the church.

"The opportunity here is for people to know that they can go to a church, know that they can come back to the church, that we're inviting people to come back, to come to Confession, and that we're reaching out to make this opportunity available," he states.

A key part of Bishop Malloy's message is the importance for Catholics to take part in the sacrament of Confession.

"...Inviting Catholics, especially who have been away from the church and away from the sacrament of Confession, to come and receive this forgiveness of sins, that we believe to be there when the Priest absolves the one who has come to Confession," he adds.

To those who say, they would rather make their confessions at home, Bishop Malloy refers to a message recently given by Pope Francis, "[Confession]...helps us to be more open and that helps us to overcome that willingness to hide a little bit, and say honestly, 'Yes, I have sinned.' But, in exchange, to hear those words from the priest, from Christ, and the church, 'Your sins are forgiven.' That's a great blessing for us."

For those who would like to participate, but are not Catholic, Bishop Malloy says you're welcome, too, "I have had occasions where someone has come in the Confessional and said, 'Father, I'm not Catholic, but could I come in and talk to you?' It was quite proper, and I think they found it quite helpful."

As a part of Reconciliation Day today, confessions will be heard from 9:00 in the morning until 8:00 this evening.

"I think we all know that if we had to and we wanted to, we could find the time," he adds.


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