Relay For Life has Stateliners Walking for a Good Cause

Burgers on the grill, kids getting their hair done, it's the Annual Relay for Life Walk. It's a walk to end cancer. A disease which has affected many Stateliners.


Kathy Thomas and her sister were both diagnosed with cancer months apart. Their sisterly bond got them through it together.


Cancer Survivor Kathy Thomas says "she kept the spirits up for me and she kept me on the right track, kept me smiling and knowing things are going to be ok."


Ashley Rockman has been Cancer free for the past ten years.


Rockman says "it was a lot to go through. I was thirteen when I was diagnosed so I didn't fully understand what was going on. I went through radiation five days a week, about a ten minute process, and I was tired all the time."


She does not want anybody to go through what she had to.

Rockman says "it's not an easy process. It tears you down emotionally and physically and you can get into really deep dark places and I hated going through it myself."


But for many Stateliners who have lost a loved one to cancer, the event is about remembering those loved one. Derek Nichol will always remember his grandma as a caring person.


Derek Nichol says "all my schooling days she took everybody in as grandkids. She would never turn anybody away. She was just a thoughtful and caring woman.


For more information on how you can help donate for cancer research you can visit the American Cancer Society's website at

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