REMADE Program Gives Women a Second Chance

ROCKFORD -The Remade program has been in existence for almost two years as part of the Life Recovery Program at Rockford Rescue Mission.

Every Friday the women meet for a couple of hours to make colorful vases, craft and bracelets. Using items that would have been thrown away, the women go through this art class as part of their therapy.
"When the women come to the class the volunteers are here certainly to help them learn about art, but they are very passionate about what they do. They remember the ladies stories they are there to talk to them week after week. And there is where really the therapeutic part comes in, because they are able to share their stories as well," said Teresa Reeverts, Supervisor of the Women Life Recovery Department.
Everything the women make goes on sale at the Rescue Mission Thrift Store, and the money from the sales goes back to the mission. The overall idea is to make women feel accomplished with what they have done.

If you would like to help the women from this program just visit 

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