Rep. Adam Kinzinger Defeats Tea Party Challenger for Republican Nomination

By WTVO WQRF Newsroom

Published 03/18 2014 11:23AM

Updated 03/18 2014 09:53PM

WTVO/WQRF -- Republican incumbant Rep. Adam Kinzinger has easily won his party's primary to keep in 16th District Congressional seat.  Kinzinger defeated Rockford Tea Party founder David Hale with nearly 80% of the vote.  He'll face Democratic political newcomer Randall Wayne Olsen in November in what many anticipate will be a predictable win in a heavily Republican district.

Kinzinger, who has made some waves nationally for his criticisms of divisions within his party, ran ad campaigns which featured a 'Servant Leadership' theme.  Unlike many other Republicans from safe districts, he has attempted to strike a more compromsing tone with Democrats while sometimes being combative with the Tea Party wing of his party.  Kinzinger has been publicly quoted as saying he doesn't disagree with the policies of the Tea Party as much as their tactics.  While Kinzinger did vote with Tea Party members to shut down the government last fall, he was also part of the coalition of Republicans and Democrats who ended it.  He voted for the Ryan/Murray compromise, something many Tea Party members including Hale did not support.

Kinzinger, who had his district redrawn after the last census, has served in the House of Representatives since 2010.

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