Rep. Adam Kinzinger Takes Stance on Iraq on ABC's "This Week"

WTVO/WQRF -- Rep. Adam Kinzinger says something should've been done sooner in Iraq.

The Illinois republican took on the round table of ABC's "This Week" Sunday morning.

"What we're watching in Iraq right now is the worse case scenario," said Rep. Kinzinger (R-IL). "I can't image much worse happening in Iraq."

Kinzinger says it's a problem that needed solving back in January when Isis militants took Fallujah. Now, the republican says it's time to take action.

"Advisors and special ops will stiffen the spine of the Iraqi military units, airstrikes for Isis units in the open to button them down where they're at now, and work the political solution in Iraq which we have to work," said Kinzinger.

He also believes the u-s should target any Isis units in Syria .

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