Rep. Bustos Wants to Make It Easier for Stateline Areas to Get Flood Relief Money

WASHINGTON, DC -- Flash flooding continues to threaten parts of central and western Illinois, and with more rain in the forecast over the next few weeks.

It makes swollen rivers and roadways are all too familiar around here. Representative Cheri Bustos (D-IL 17) has lived along the Mississippi for the past thirty years.  “When you represent a congressional district where the entire west borders the Mississippi river, and in the southern part of your district, you have the Illinois river running through it, we understand flooding.”

So does Jeffrey Roth of Decatur, who’s visiting the nation’s capitol. “The weather has been very wet, unlike the weather the past two years where we’ve had a dry spell.”

Over the past two months, rain levels are about a foot higher than normal for this time of year, according to National Weather Service Meteorologist Mike Sowko. “Storm after storm coming off the plains all the way through the midwest, through the Chicago region, and it’s just dumping inches and inches of rain each time there’s a storm that goes through,” he says.

And many rural areas hit by the floods aren’t receiving the disaster relief they need Rep. Bustos believes. “We’re at a disadvantage because we’re in a state where we have a highly populated area in Chicago, and that formula doesn’t serve the rural areas very well.”

That's why Rep. Bustos has helped introduce legislation that would expand disaster relief funds to locals in more rural areas. “I think it’s needed because there are a lot of farmers who need to transport their goods and if they can’t get across the river then that’s a problem.” The legislation would make it easier for many communities to become eligible for federal disaster aid.

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