Rep. Kinzinger Calls Closed-Door Briefing on Sgt. Bergdahl "Disappointing"

- WASHINGTON, D.C. - A closed-door briefing leaves many representatives with more questions than answers surrounding the release of Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl.

Representative Adam Kinzinger was one of the lawmakers involved in the briefing Monday, and isn't happy with the answers he received.

"We heard nothing except continued excuses about why they did not come to Congress," said Rep. Kinzinger. "I didn't get any good answers as to why five high-ranking Taliban were traded, and why that was a good deal. I think people are probably leaving there even more disappointed than when they walked in."

Members of Congress were not informed about the prisoner swap despite a law requiring that the House and Senate be given 30 days notice before any prisoners are transferred from Guantanamo.

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