Road Construction Frustrates Local Businesses

Orange, Orange is everywhere. Road construction.... blocking roads -- and getting in the way of Jeannine Jones' small business. "It's been horrible," said Jeannine Jones, co-owner of Bermuda Tan located in a small shopping mall off 20th Street in Rockford. That's an area where road construction has been going on for about a month now.

Jones agrees the road work needed to get done....but at what cost? She says her business is down some 26 percent due to the construction. Access to her business had been completely blocked off except for back road access. Her customers are frustrated too. For the businesses in this area at issue is really the fact that the city has not put up adequate detour signs to help guide customers to these small businesses. In fact, the only detour sign we saw was one that stood west on Harrision with no follow up directing customers to businesses on the south side. "I wish they would of just put up detour signs," said jones. The good news -- it's almost over.

Jones is hopeful her business will bounce back with a little help from the city's insurance. However, she just doesn't want another small business to go through what they went through. The city says the road construction will be complete by Wednesday.

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